Someone, sing Johanna to me, because that scene in Sweeney Todd was too adorable!

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For once I’m actually loving some of the music in the charts.


Some of it is good.

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I just hate airplanes. Annoying little kids ruined it for me! 


Oh come on. Smile beautiful.

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Last time I went away from home, nearly half my things ended up missing or stolen, I swear, if any of you steal my things, you’re paying for new ones.

I don’t steal.

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Someone come to the beach with me


Maybe if you say please.

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Why is it bad?


I don’t know what to say, and I always know what to say.

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Sweet, yeah it is nice to just be some where a bit familiar, but I can’t wait to get out and explore the world. The pleasure is all mine Genevieve, can I call you Gen?


I know right. I’m just glad I’m not in Spain anymore. Yeah, you can call me Gen.

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Yes, please. 

Lets go then.

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